Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Startled from sleep by a clacking clock
My dream shattered by sudden shock,
That galling alarm is clucking it's beat
As I rise gingerly to calloused feet.

Relived every morning before daylight,
Clumsily I stumble around in half-light,
Finding my robe I weave down the hall
After bouncing that clock off the wall.

I barely recognize me in the looking-glass
I am rounder and older each time I pass,
Briefly I examine my wrinkled old kisser
Before limping along to a creaky dresser.

Brushing my store-bought teeth I ponder
About goofball city-slickers over yonder,
Over in la-la land where I'm about to go
To earn some dough because bills I owe.

Running I poke a doughnut into my face
And hop in my junk car for the rat-race,
I'll join the horde headed for the big city
And for awhile be a city-slicker--a pity.

I'm not a hayseed with a speck of greed
But some back pocket money I need,
Some long green with a short future now
Would smooth the crinkles from my brow.

Money don't go far but it sure goes fast
There is never enough ready cash to last,
I've given it all to the crooks at the bank
But in fairness I have those suits to thank.

I bought a piece of paradise awhile back
Though city people would call it a shack,
In just a year the mortgage will be paid
And me and the mutt will lie in the shade.

My farm and barn to all is a mess I guess
But where I'll retire to relieve my stress,
For me It's a paradise that far outranks
The poor city-slickers living in fish tanks.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-04-09

Song title: "Poor Boy"

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