Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


She is the daughter of a farmer's wife
And has been different all her life,
The family sees her as sweetly unique
But others tease with tongue-in-cheek.

No one cared or tried to understand her
And wherever she lingered caused a stir,
Children mocked and grownups hid smirks
Because of her attire and curious quirks.

As she was schooled classmates ridiculed
But true to herself, her blithe spirit ruled,
She has no one to please or appease at all
And she is happy though her world is small.

They said she'll conform as she grows older
But as a young woman she became bolder,
She painted her face in an unusual manner
And wore odd clothes as a freedom banner.

She is truly uncommon and will never change
Though everyone considers her very strange,
The music she hears is from a different fife
And she will walk a special path through life.

It's not a bother what the close-minded think
She smiles it away and endures on the brink,
Always she'll be between normal and absurd
And forever that edge will be slightly blurred.

She has grand dreams and desires to fulfill
And in her heart believes someday she will,
She will go forth with strong determination
And one day dreams will become realization.

There is an odd girl with enchanting charms
Who adores everyone and brings no harms,
She is so perfectly sweet and kind of heart
But her world from ours is light-years apart.

People stare at a woman rather mysterious
They'll puzzle over her behavior so curious,
They grumble but this world will never tame
This wildflower and Sunflower is her name.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-21-09

Song title: "Lark In The Morn"

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