Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I arose from the creaking old chair
Finding no comfort rocking there
And strolled out with a curious gaze
At the woods in evening haze.

My mind is mystified as I stood
Not one question is understood,
Maybe answers won't be learned,
Yet my confused mind yearned.

My thoughts as quicksilver scatter
Perhaps any answers won't matter,
My destiny is sealed, the die is cast,
Nothing truly matters but my past.

I ambled far into the dusky forest
For soul-searching and for rest,
Being badly distressed as of late,
Troubled over my impending fate.

As I walked thoughts drifted back
To family in a ramshackle shack,
Not much to brag about I thought
But love can't be traded or bought.

I smiled thinking of Dad and Mother
And the unending love for each other,
No, we had no wealth back then at all
But lasted on love, with God I recall.

What happens to those broken hearts
After a loved one for Heaven departs?
Who will tend my family when I'm gone?
Who will comfort when they cry alone?

I happened upon a gurgling stream
And lingered a time for a daydream,
Restless riddles returned once more,
Unanswered to haunt me as before.

Did I live my life to make one proud?
I inquired of myself asking out loud,
I guess not entirely, the answer came
There are regrets, I winced in shame.

I sat tired bones on a smooth stone
And listened to my heartbeat drone,
The mute question became a scream,
Why me Lord! I wept into the stream.

As I ponder weak and weary I weep,
Am I so craven I fear eternal sleep?
No one listens to my sorrowful pleas
But doves roosted in swaying trees.

I've cried for me until I have no tear,
There's no bit of hope I'll live a year,
Questions begging answers can now lie,
What good a reply for one who will die.

A pleasant breeze caresses my jaded face,
Doves coo as I sit in this peaceful place,
My sleep beyond the far stars will be soon
But tonight I'll sleep here beneath the moon.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-18-09

Song title: "The Town I Loved So Well"

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