Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I was born with no wail or tear
Though bound up most a year,
Though locked in a dark place
At birth no tears ran my face.

But humanity taught me to weep,
The rare time I don't I'm asleep,
This scary world is mostly cruel
And I mostly cry as a rule.

I am alone on my ship of tears
Sailing through life's bad years
Hoping a good year will drift by
But I wait yet with watery eye.

With so many things to cry about
I fear my tears will all drain out
And I need them to ease my pains,
And blur the stress of life's strains.

I watch the condition of the world
And hear grievous threats hurled,
I cry at what the world has become
As militant voices loudly hum.

I cry about war and cry over peace
I'll cry a river for tension release,
I weep for brave warriors in uniform
And sob as politicians pretend reform.

I weep at weddings and funerals too
Or when starving children I view,
I cry out for the poor homeless around
Quietly suffering in an uncaring town.

I feel sorrow with the brokenhearted
Who's loved ones to soon departed,
I too grieve over beloved ones gone,
I've sobbed in public and wept alone.

I cry over my misfortune and for yours
I feel pain for what the hurting endures,
The downtrodden are deserving of tears
After all, I've been one many years.

Liars are trying to remove God from us
The deceivers are denying Lord Jesus
And I weep deeply over their final cost,
Their doomed souls are eternally lost.

There is always new things to cry about
Far to many before my time runs out,
Because of barbarity around the world
My crying towel will never be furled.

Life is a mess, I guess I'll cry until I die
But no one need ponder or wonder why,
Just accept me for who I am while I pray,
Weeping in joy, thinking of Judgment Day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-02-09

Song title: "Maidens"

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