Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Morning sunbeams warm my whiskery face
Streaming through worn curtains of lace,
Reluctantly I opened my eyes with a deep sigh
Listening to that pesky mosquito whirring by.

I studied lacy shadow shapes on the ceiling
As thoughts mingled with a sinking feeling,
I knew today would be a mirror of yesterday,
It began and will end the same numbing way.

No need to fluff my pillow or the other one,
It's flowery pattern unmolested in the sun,
I turned for a glance at it as I left the room
And almost smiled from my cocoon of gloom.

After a warm shower for most of an hour
With green soap that reeked as a flower
I left traces of perfume to my sitting place
And stuffed cold pizza into my pouty face.

The bitter black coffee is hard to swallow
Like the unsavory dark hours that follow,
A bird is merrily chirping in the meadow,
I look to the floor at my wincing shadow.

Nothing left to do this dim melancholy day
But remember and while the time away,
Thinking ahead clouds my mind with dread
And remembering calls forth what we said.

Whatever became of that calico cat I wonder
Listening to distant soft rolling thunder,
And watching evening shadows lightly sway,
I wonder if it too suddenly ran away.

The moon lights up as the sun goes down,
I start for my crumpled bed with a frown,
Perhaps the dawn will bring something new,
Maybe tomorrow I won't think of you.

Moonlight softly glows over the other pillow,
A breeze lifts lacy curtains too gently billow,
Dreamily I gaze at the unruffled pillow of down
And fall asleep listening to that mosquito whirr around.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-16-09

Song title: "Delirio"

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