Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Granny raised me from a cur pup,
It was tough but she never gave up
Hard times clung to the cabin door,
Poverty draped from ceiling to floor.

Through tears and years we got by
Before she went to glory in the sky,
Granny left for Heaven not long ago
And now it's time for her boy to go.

I climbed out of Backbite Holler
With one worn-out silver dollar,
Kept in the pocket with no hole
With granny's locket from a bowl.

With holes in the sole of one shoe
Wearing a shirt granny sewed new
And a rucksack on my aching back
I followed a dimly marked track.

As I drudged to reach each tall peak
I thought of freckle face by the creek,
A sweet gal that lived two hollers over,
Her pappy is a moonshiner and a rover.

I heard granny singing as I hiked along
I whistled the tune of her favorite song,
Thoughts of her and freckle face mingled,
I tingled as the locket and dollar jingled.

A shivery feeling ran from toes to head
Suddenly I was swept over with dread
I'd never roamed far from home before,
Never left the green mountains I adore.

I hankered to see the sea and city lights
I'd heard of those wild exciting nights
And I thought I might find fortune there
But treasure is around me everywhere.

Two days away from home I sat down
While gazing at the grandness around,
With my rump on a stump I pondered
Why with a sound mind I'd wandered.

As I sat listening to the tall trees moan
This homesick boy didn't feel so grown,
The singsong of the wind seemed to say,
"Go home! Leave today without delay."

I began to retrace my steps at a rapid pace
In two days I'd see that cute freckle face,
She waits pining for me in a woodsy holler,
I wonder, can we marry on a silver dollar?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-05-09

Song title: "Rosalie, The Prairie Flower"

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