Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

If you smile, the world smiles with you,
If you sadly frown, they will too,
Smiling is good medicine for the blues
A dandy remedy you should choose.

Moody blues drag folks around down
But if you smile like a jolly circus clown
Their dreary mood becomes one of cheer,
When you merrily grin from ear-to-ear.

Smile and see those sullen eyes gleam
Suddenly life isn't what it may seem,
You can light up their gloomiest hour,
A grin has lightening brightening power.

When you meet a soul wearing a scowl
And they greet you with a surly growl
Let your smile smooth their wrinkled brow,
It mostly works but I don't know how.

Maybe it's magic that changes their mood,
How the charm works I can't conclude,
You can't cure all their troubles with a grin
But it's a crackerjack place to begin.

A big grin from you can ease the strained
Bringing comfort to those pained,
A smile from you can pleasure the troubled
And the delight you receive is doubled.

Be your best at the best time and place
Be willing to flash a smile on your face,
Keep your shiny smile ready just in case
You meet a sad frown you should erase.

Give yourself a beaming smile everyday
Then pass it around as you go your way,
Light up that sour mug like a lightning-bug,
You'll feel like giving life a big warm hug.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-20-09

Song title: "Gretl Boarischer"

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