Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Who will I be today as I rise and rub sleepy eyes,
Will I see me in the mirror or the other in disguise?
Who will be peering at me from behind the mask?
The task of thought is wasted and it's useless to ask.

I have no control nor will I know who I'll be today,
The good or the bad or how long I'll stay that way,
Perhaps the righteous one from yesterday will show
Or it may be the wilder immoral me, I never know.

I've known since childhood that two is my sum,
Hiding in me there is more than one to become,
The dark one lies in ambush to pounce forth at will
Forcing the bright one to remain unwillingly still.

I've been on the brink I think most all my days
Largely with no control of unfavorable ways,
Always teetering on the edge between two lives,
The good and bad battle, to see which survives.

The good life from time to time gives peace of mind
But I can easily spiral downward into a darker kind,
A life of agitation and troubles I'll endure for awhile
Before becoming the pleasant me that affords a smile.

Constantly the conflict storms on where I cannot go,
Emotions overrule a lucid mind when I try to do so,
I can only accept who I am now or a year from now
But sooner or later, In a blink I'll change somehow.

For an unknown duration I will live a life that's good
With kindness and love for all that is well understood
But the wicked one can rise to the fore before I realize
And for a wild span I'll live in sin and self-serving lies.

The rumblings of war within me unrelenting rages on
And the strength to resist the bad has long ago gone,
I live as a pawn for a righteous good life or dark bad,
While dreaming for a balance of happiness never had.

I stroll the fields of gold to the heather's scenting sweet
And spread my blanket over the clover ever so neat,
I lie down gently too gaze longingly at light blue sky
And as I drift off to sleep I wonder, who am I?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-22-09

Song title: "Swept Away"

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