Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Life has been a comedy of errors
Pinpoints in time of veiled terrors,
Mistakes I dismissed along my way
Now reveal as a tragic play.

Sparks of time that flashed long ago
Now show as calamities that grow,
Mistakes made I thought would fade
Glare as spotlights from the shade.

Acts unwitting or by purpose of choice
Have returned with a shaming voice,
They scold from behind time's curtain
Making old age dreadfully uncertain.

On life's stage I've played many parts
Injuring feelings and hurting hearts
And each role bravely played unafraid
Now trouble me for mistakes made.

Comedy and tragedy were roles acted out
With reviews that left my sanity in doubt,
Almost laughable is my youth wasted,
A perfect tragedy is bitter tears tasted.

The audience in attendance will not forgive
The manner of role I rehearsed to live,
The near and dear endured my hurtful play
And revel in their revenge yet today.

Admitting mistakes didn't ease any pain,
Repeating I'm sorry was a sad refrain,
No one cares to hear a sad song played,
No one wants to see my regret displayed.

I'm waiting for the final curtain to fall
The performance is over with no recall,
The hall is empty as my yearning heart
No roles are left but an old man's part.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-04-09

Song title: "Mac Crimmon's Lament"

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