Precious Days by Kenneth J Ellison

Precious days come easy to mind
When they were a gentler kind,
Life seemed much easier as a child
When ways of the world were mild.

There was me and there was you
In good times with so much to do,
We grew up happy just being a kid
With no care for what others did.

Home was hardly more than a shack
But was wondrous thinking back,
An enchanting castle as no other seen
Where dad ruled with mom the queen.

The dreadful dragon was Amy the cow,
Peasants were piglets of Grunt the sow
Their hideout the barn where we'd play
As new kittens protested from the hay.

Mother's apron hung on a bent nail
By a calendar picture of hill and dale,
On the oilcloth covered table below
We did homework by lamplight glow.

There was a faded picture of us all
Beaming with smiles on the wall,
The only photograph taken as a group
On Easter Day by the chicken coop.

The ancient cookstove gave us treats,
Mother was a wizard with her feats
From that contraption fired by wood
She made meager meals taste so good.

A potbelly stove it's sides glowing red
Warmed the small home before bed
And as daylight gave way to moonlight
Mom tucked us in tight for the night.

Our summers seemed to last forever,
Cold winters we'd cozy up together
Wanting Christmas to hurry around
With new snow for a snowman round.

Springtime was a wonderland of delight
And autumn leaves were a glorious sight,
Every fairytale seemed true as we grew
In our charmed kingdom with rosy view.

Those precious days we lived as a child
When the manner of mankind was mild
Are held dear as cherished memories now,
I see mom in the kitchen and dad at the plow.

Precious Days Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-09-09

Song title: "Daddy's Home"

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