Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Like uneven bits of colored thread
Woven into a patchwork spread,
Yoked moments of time as a whole
Weave the calico fabric of my soul.

Ribbons of time left behind in shreds
Are weaved as happiness and dreads,
Durations of joyfulness I have known
But into my fabric sorrows are sewn.

Strands of time scattered in a spree
Did not matter to a youth wildly free
But the bloom of youth quickly fades
With age cowered in twilight shades.

Like a tapestry on some forgotten wall
I hang afraid waiting for angels to call,
My tufted fabric frayed and worn I wait
Not knowing if Heaven will be my fate.

Furrows of age crease my worried brow
As I reflect on filaments connected now
And tailored like some ungracious drape
Concealing a flawed past I can't escape.

Through life undaunted I merrily traveled
While the material of who I am unraveled,
Scattering patches of cloth along the way
That are now quilted into who I am today.

The weaving of my soul is almost finished
But the fabric of who I am is blemished,
Some pieces of threads I left in my wake
Still lie in the dirt an unforgiving mistake.

Like a pretty butterfly with broken wings
I am missing fragments of bright strings,
Too soon we shall pass into the unknown,
The fabric of my lifetime is almost sewn.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-24-09

Song title: "Cool Summer Nights"

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