Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Decades ago I knew well someone,
With ease I recall tho' ninety-one
From my wheelchair at the window
In memory I walk with his shadow.

He was a farmer with a lovely wife
In harmony they lived a good life,
The fruits of labor served them well
But in him discontent would dwell.

Is this all there is he often wondered
As he lay uneasy in bed and pondered,
Just a routine from sunup to sundown?
Must I slave away until I'm lain down?

The world seemed at his beckon call
But he hardly cherished living at all,
He took for granted a rewarding life
And scarcely prized a loving wife.

They lived many decades on that farm
A life that truly brimmed with charm
But he never saw the goodness earned
While his restless desires burned.

He never appreciated the life created,
With the world at his feet he waited,
Dreaming of a fantasy life someplace
And brushing aside his world of grace.

He did not wholly live in a bad manner
Being a splendid manager and planner,
They lived well until everyone was gone,
Everyone but him left sitting alone.

Once I walked with a young man's shadow
Now I sit before a dust covered window,
I missed the good life that passed me by,
Once in awhile I smile but most times cry.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-04-09

Song title: "Where I Belong"

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