Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I sometimes go to a magical place
When life wears a frightful face,
When things are to much to digest,
I go to my serene meadow of rest.

I flee thru time for peace of mind
Into a realm of a different kind,
A hideaway in space no one knows,
I am the only traveler who goes.

As quick as a north winds icy gust
Can disappear scattered fairy dust
I fly to my moonlit meadow of bliss,
Nowhere known can delight as this.

I enter the jeweled portal in a dream
Drawn by a sparkling moonbeam
Into a marvelous land rather grand
Where wishes come true on demand.

It's brilliant beauty is demure in a way
There is no dark night or bright day
It's vividness is somewhere in-between
As only a seeker can dream the scene.

My charmed meadow is not vast in scope
But is ever blooming with abiding hope,
A winding stroll through revives my soul
And returns the joy that worries stole.

Closing my eyes I drift to sweet serenity
To an enchanted place of every amenity,
Everything I desire is at my fingertips,
I can be kissed by a dream upon my lips.

Tranquility softens the hardness of worry
So when troubles come at me in a flurry,
I close my tired eyes to the skies and soon
I'm somewhere between the sun and moon.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-05-09

Song title: "Fairy Dance"

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