Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

A bright day has ended grand
Quietness embraces the land
But for the ocean's faint roar
Ever restless outside my door.

Waves drum the rocky shore
It's musical harmony I adore
As we settle in for a cozy night
Warmed by love in firelight.

Stew is bubbling on the stove
I'm wearing socks she wove,
The wool is comfy on my feet
And her stew's a tummy treat.

Baby's in the cradle fast asleep
In a wee bundle counting sheep
Lightly snoring with a cute snort,
She's a sweet adorable sort.

Little kitty is purring in her lap
'Tis a fine soft place to nap,
Many's the evening it can be said
'Tis there I rested my weary head.

Hound is baying out in the woods,
I am sampling her baked goods,
I wonder what caught that dog's eye
As I wrap my lips around some pie.

Sheep's asleep in grassy meadows
Hen's roosted with long shadows,
Cow's in the barn, pups in the hay,
A princely end to a king's day.

Tomorrow morn I'll work the corn
Thanking The Lord I was born,
My rewards are worth working hard,
She greets me with kisses in the yard.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-05-09

Song title: "Anglers"

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