Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

They're there in every city and town
Where fools lay good money down
Trying to put a smile on their sad face
In The Devil's recruiting place.

Whether a grand hotel are quaint nook,
Whether ginmill or tavern by a brook
The common thread that binds them all
Is a scheme to vend the drug alcohol.

Flashing neon signs adorn the portals
Luring throngs of miserable mortals
Into the belly of a dark alluring world
Where the poisonous potion is swirled.

The gates to hell open in early morn
For all the lonely misguided forlorn,
They'll swig till closing time is sounded
Before reeling out dumbfounded.

They arrive questing for happiness lost
To mend their broken lives at a cost,
They seek solace among those like them,
Some drink by design, others on a whim.

The Devil's tool is the nearest bar-stool
Where the well intended becomes a fool,
They swill until they're unable to think
As Satan cheers their next drink.

The neon lights lure as a moth to a flame
Poor pawns to be used in Satan's game,
The players merge at the watering-hole
And by closing the game is out of control.

Meat-markets are found on any street
Where the lonely of every caliber meet
Searching for a casual love connection
That will give the night a lusty direction.

Dress-suits and mini-skirts meet in clutter
And lay waste their lives in a fancy gutter
While overalls and skin tight jeans romp
Down a back ally street in a honky-tonk.

Open for business the neon flashes outside,
The Devil's playground is ready to provide,
Welcome boozers and no harm intended
After all it's only God that's offended.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-08-10

Song title: "Polish Dance"

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