Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We dance away from home when youngsters
Attracted by the lure of earthy songsters,
The loud music is enticing when we're young
And there is songs in our hearts to be sung.

In the flush of youth we are alone in a crowd
No one wants to hear songs outlandishly loud,
Brazenly we want to parade to our own song
But even in defiance need to feel we belong.

We dance wildly around all over the world
There's hardly anyone we haven't whirled,
Changing pardners as often as dancing shoes
Many wallflowers were left singing the blues.

Time fades prime and we become a balladeer
The songs from our heart is pleasant to hear,
We dance to a slower drumbeat on life's stage
And become waltzers as we reach a mellow age.

We pick a partner to dance with through the years
Some songs will be happy and others bring tears
But we will keep on dancing, that's all we can do,
We must sing and dance until the band is through.

The energized band plays on as we two-step along
And little dancers are born from our favorite song,
Tiny toddlers polka across the dance palace now
As two tired waltzers wipe sweat from their brow.

We teach tiny dancers each song that we know
As they jitterbug around and too quickly grow,
Soon they'll dance to their own music they write,
It's their song that fills young hearts with delight.

They sashay away when we feel they're to young
But they have their own songs that must be sung,
They dance away from home with a goodbye shout
Leaving two old waltzers to sit the last dance out.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-11-10

Song title: "Texas Road Trip"

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