Moments by Kenneth J Ellison

Often my whimsical thoughts flee
To the time-capsule inside of me,
Within is the memories I treasure
That spice my days with pleasure.

They stream through an aged mind
Showing moments unique in kind,
Like gemstones in a treasure chest
I've stashed only the precious best.

Sparklers from yesteryear oft appear,
Shards of time viewed crystal clear,
Memories make me happy for awhile,
Every minute relived brings a smile.

I hold dearest the times joy filled
Cherished moments that thrilled,
Patches of time that define my youth
Are the happy bits dreamed as truth.

Unfit memories are not recalled at all
They lurk behind a shatterproof wall
Locked in a dreary place I never go
Are the bad moments from long ago.

I won't waste time thinking the bad,
Reliving flecks of life that were sad
Sunbeams of good-times is all I crave
I'll savor those moments to my grave.

The journey was long to where I am now
An elderly Gray-hair wrinkled of brow
Good-times are all I have time for anymore
Recalling hard-times is a gloomy bore.

I've squeezed my memories into little whiles,
Brilliant moments that bring on smiles
Every moment in life that delivered pleasure
Are the only gems of time I treasure.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-09-10

Song title: "Ban Sai Tong"

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