Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The adorable though strange girl
Set aroused emotions in a whirl,
I was charmed but can't say why
As first we met at a café nearby.

Dates passed but it was not long
Before the lassie lured me home,
With promise of a delicious meal
An evening together held appeal.

At the gothic door she took my hat
Muttering a caution about her cat,
Close the door quick or he will flee
And I did though no cat could I see.

Invited to sit on the couch and chat
I looked to see where her cat was at
But no glimpse could I get of the pet
So frequently spoke of since we met.

My pretty kitty is a joy she would say
And a marvelous companion each day,
I thought of all the cat tales I'd heard,
Some were amusing and some absurd.

As I watched her in the kitchen stirring
There came sounds of a cat purring,
I listened to find where the sounds were
And shockingly the purrs were from her.

As she toiled at the stove quite content
Pointedly I asked where the cat went,
He is catnapping at your feet she said
And wincing my head filled with dread.

Fingers of fear ran up my jellied spine
There was no cat where I wait to dine,
She was muttering babytalk to that cat,
The imaginary one where I uneasily sat.

Abruptly she went someplace in the house
Then I tiptoed quite as a church mouse
And snatching my derby hat from a rack
I bolted out running and never went back.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-17-10

Song title: "Mirrors"

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