Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Watching for? She knows not who
But any visitor would do,
Waiting For? The quiet to be broken
By somebody's word spoken.

The spiritless maid has lived lonely
Friendless but for a cat only,
Small solace for one so despaired
She reasoned as she stared.

The timid mouse as a shunned child
Was withdrawn and never smiled,
She dreamed of a bright life someday
But it remains cheerless gray.

The hazy reasons for the abiding pain
Are unclear as the windowpane
Where she suffers daily in dark despair
Noting time with an empty stare.

No young boy ever asked her to dance
No gentleman sought romance,
She has never received a valentine card,
Isolation has left her scarred.

Sipping hot tea at the watching place
A frown creased her aging face
I am so foolish the thought occurred
Imagining a soul cares is absurd.

A melancholy look filled her tearing eyes
The rest of life holds no surprise,
Reality hurts as much as loneliness does,
She dreamed of a life that never was.

As long shadows creep over the meadow
A lonely woman leaves the window,
She prepares for bed engulfed by sorrow
Knowing it will be the same tomorrow.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-26-10

Song title: "Don't Go"

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