(Down And Out)
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We're just two whoops and a holler
From rolling in splendid squalor,
Been living in the pit of poverty
For what seems like an eternity.

My dough ran out some time ago
How we'll get by I just don't know,
If molasses were ten cents a pail
We couldn't afford a lick or smell.

We're down and out, flat broke!
Buy 'in any groceries is a joke,
The landlords rent is way past due
And little baby needs shoes.

I have no gas for my beat-up truck,
I'd play the lottery if I had a buck
But I wouldn't win with my bad luck,
We're neck deep in poorhouse muck.

I've hunted work in this dirty town
But bosses gave me thumbs-down,
There just ain't no jobs to be had
And there ain't no good in this bad.

Our cow is dry the hens won't lay
Guess we'll eat chicken someday,
The baby's crying and granny's blue
Her welfare check is overdue.

There's no sense to get shook up
Nobody's gonna fill our happy cup,
We're stuck in a town of hard knocks,
Wedged 'tween a hard place and a rock.

If we had enough dough to do so
We'd all just pack up and go,
I'd be tickled pink to wave goodbye
But that will happen when pigs fly.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-30-04

Song title: "At Troubles Door"

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