Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

He stopped walking the highways
As he neared the end of his days
And in a small town settled down
To the discomfort of folks around.

A pathetic old man unable to roam
By fate was made to make his home,
With only the tattered clothes he wore
He became the good peoples eyesore.

Now he sits on the park bench all day
Begging from those passing his way,
His tired eyes reflect sorrow and pain
As he braces for a hungry day again.

Just a ragged old man with no name
That has lost all to life's cruel game,
Once a proud man straight and tall
He had fortunes and lost them all.

Now the gray haired beggar is alone
Friends and family long since gone,
Homeless and hungry he barely copes,
The ravages of time has vanished hopes.

He passes drab days begging for change
While strangers stare as if he's deranged,
Nights he sleeps on plastic under a bridge
Just beneath rich folks living on the ridge.

His loveless eyes stare hauntingly sad
At those cruel who shun him as bad,
Always they mock him as being absurd,
His heart begs for just one kind word.

Last night ended his hunger and cold
No more will faces sneer and scold,
He died alone as he lived for so long,
The homeless at last has gone home.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-12-04

Song title: "Were You At The Rock?"

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