Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Goodbye is final when spoken,
An emotional link is broken
One word ends so many things
With the closing it brings.

With an utterance from our lips
We can sever relationships
We can break a heart or be broken
By a simple word spoken.

Whether in anger or loving voice
Goodbye is the final choice,
With no recourse we use the word
And a separation is spurred.

Disputes can create a deep cleft
And goodbye is all that's left,
If we can't build a bridge of trust
Departing becomes a must.

With love unending we embrace
And kiss a dear one's sad face
We whisper goodbye shedding tears,
Knowing they are going for years.

Farewell sometimes is lighthearted
And is often used when parted
But it is always tinged with sadness,
We say no goodbye with gladness.

Goodbye is the last word we say
When lives turn a different way
And for better or worse we find
Someone is always left behind.

We are hurt when a love passes on,
We feel lost when a lover is gone,
We despair if a friend won't say hi
And all include the word goodbye.

I do not know of a good goodbye
When it's use can make you cry,
It means love is not held together,
One is gone for awhile or forever.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-28-10

Song title: "Journey Home Country Boy"

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