Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

That loco sheriff took a shot at me
He wants to dangle me from a tree
But it ain't me who shot that teller,
The bank robber was another feller.

As red hot lead zipped past it hissed
An inch closer and we'd of kissed,
Chances of hitting anything was slim
But I drew and fired a shot at him.

Being a bad shot I missed of course
And so I hightailed it for my horse,
Jumping on that mustang on the go
Me and him galloped off to Mexico.

He tired of trailing me after day three
I won't swing from that hanging tree,
He is cocksure I killed that bank-clerk
But it was some other buckaroo jerk.

Bone tired I rode to Pancho's rancho
I had to outfit before crossing the rio
He fed me beans and sold me supplies
And an old packhorse with mean eyes.

I bunked in Pancho's lean-to for the night,
Me and the kittens snoozed till first light
As the cock crowed I rode for the border
Thinking on how life is in a bad disorder.

I crossed the Rio Bravo into old Mexico
knowing I could never return to El Paso
And as I rode on thoughts turned to Tina,
I wondered if she still owned that cantina.

I'll be living low in lower Mexico for good
Because that fool sheriff never understood,
By now there's wanted-posters out I know
And I'm feeling bitter in the sunset's glow.

At Tina's Cantina I hitched up my mustang
And shuffled inside not giving a teensy dang,
Happiness can be had if you know where to look
And me and Tina's affair is an unfinished book.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-24-10

Song title: "La Adelita"

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