Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Her pace of living was never slow
As a one woman traveling show,
A folk-singer in faded blue jeans
She was scarcely past her teens.

Singing like an angel from Heaven
Fame came as she became eleven,
On end her guitar was tall as her,
This tiny girl causing a big stir.

Beautiful came songs from her lips
As she strummed with fingertips,
All knew of the girl with the guitar
And by twenty she was a star.

But wherever the spotlight beamed
It was not the life she dreamed
Before a loud crowd under hot lights
Wasn't what she dreamed of nights.

The songbird over time became jaded
And the brightness of fame faded
As she shunned every concert hall
Her star of fame began to fall.

Life with the big band was unraveling
So in a little van she began traveling
With her guitar was a one woman show
And fame as a troubadour would grow.

Every small place she played was filled
And the patrons were always thrilled
Each time the gal with a guitar sang
On every sweet note they'd hang.

She sang softly as coos from a dove
Folksongs about hardships and love,
She sang of trains and fields of cotton,
Of The Lord and old songs forgotten.

For years home was a stool on a stage
Strumming and singing till old age
All she dreamed was to be a troubadour
And faded blue jeans is what she wore.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-18-10

Song title: "Remembering Gabby"

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