Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In the garage as the golden oldie's play
I stare longingly at my '57 Chevrolet
And daydreaming my mind drifts away,
Backward it strays to graduation day.

The class of '57 had dreams to fulfill,
Some did but others went downhill,
A few climbed the hill to a life of ease,
Some squeeze by and I'm one of these.

I'm thinking again of high-school days
Those glorious years in many ways,
Good times scroll like scenes of Heaven
As I recall the year nineteen-fifty-seven.

Rock-and-roll and rhythm-and-blues
Bouncy ponytails and saddle shoes,
Poodle-skirts and pink fuzzy sweaters,
Sport jackets with high-school letters.

School dances and romances galore,
Sweaty palms with class rings wore
And passing love notes in study-hall,
Those sweet cheer-leaders and football.

The Friday night games and burger's later,
A honey on roller-skates was the waiter
Then we'd scurry home to beat the curfew
Or on our behind's Dad would chew.

Saturday at the drive-in show was grand
Where a girl may slap a wandering hand,
The gal that slapped mine became my bride
We fell in love cuddling in my ride.

The graduation gift from my folks in May
Just a short time before the grand day
Was the '57 Chevy resting on the floor here
If only I could drive back to that year.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-05-10

Song title: "CC Rider"

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