Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She moved in on Elm Street USA today
Into an old-time settlement on a byway,
At a virtuous village not known as brassy
Settled a shameless lady brazen and sassy.

It was a quiet place in a serene setting
But not for long everyone was betting,
There was a fresh lively face to be seen
Haughtily strolling past yards of green.

Everyday she sashays with gaudy grace
A look of smugness on her pretty face
While people from behind windows stare
She passes with an air of devil-may-care.

The beauty queen winner of shows strolls
And tongues waggle from concerned souls,
Neighborhoods become a wordy turmoil
As the gossip reaches a simmering boil.

Every macho male around becomes a clown
As she prances the sidewalks up and down,
They leer barking raunchy jeers as she wiggles
If only they could here her excited giggles.

Housewives behind white picket fences worry
About the scantily clad cutie causing a flurry,
Always fretting if they'll lose their own to her
And he'll go chasing that floozy making a stir.

But the lady is a tramp with nary a concern
About who after her lusty favors may yearn
She trolls as she strolls for the next zany fool
Who will endeavor to hook-up later as a rule.

Tall tales abound about the new hussy around
Though she is a cute curly girly they've found
There is oodles of reasons to mistrust a poodle
If she makes macho dogs nuts in the noodle.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-21-10

Song title: "Walkin' Dog Blues"

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