Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

He was a likable sort by most accounts
Doing good deeds in large amounts,
The handsome man with a quick smile
Was a friend to all, it was his style.

If there was a need to fulfill he would
No one could deny his spirit was good
But an evil force within you can blame
Lured him into a wild life of shame.

No soul could explain that part of him
That made him transform on a whim,
Seemingly overnight his behavior changed
And his manner of living rearranged.

He took risky adventures on the wilder side,
Doing things in a small town you can't hide,
Wherever there was sin he was usually there
And his bad reputation spread everywhere.

He squandered his meager wealth on things
As the better part of his heart took wings,
All the goodness in him quickly disappeared
And it was his wildness most people feared.

He is still young some would say of his way,
Just sowing wild oats and will settle one day
But beliefs changed as he became even wilder
And after decades his moods were no milder.

But to his own surprise as his hair turned gray
He packed his things and went away one day,
In a rusty old pickup he moved to a new town,
It was there among strangers he settled down.

The monster inside him died slowly for sure,
Some vow a virtuous woman was the cure,
Other reasons he mellowed got many votes
But I think he was just done sowing wild oats.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-05-10

Song title: "Mull Of Kintyre"

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