Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Where the sun never shines
Sends shivers up spines,
You can vanish with no trace
In this dark beastly place.

Murmured tales are oft told
Of this hexed forest so old
Where haunts hellish ghost
Is just The Wood's to most.

If the yellow moon is bright
Screams are heard at night,
It is wails of the siren's song
Luring fools coming along.

The sane won't enter the trees
Where choking smells breeze
But my long lost brother did,
He went amid where it's forbid.

My foolish brother Woody
Was never a stellar goody,
There is no soul who cares
If bully brother disappears.

He'll never be back I think,
He tumbled over the brink,
He's gone forever I reckon,
Lost to a siren's beckon.

He was the bully of the town
And proudly wore that crown
But idle curiosity bettered him,
He entered the woods on a whim.

It's Woody in The Woods now
And he'll not return somehow,
I wonder if that siren has met
The threat of my scary brother yet.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-05-10

Song title: "Little Lips"

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