Forty Acres by Kenneth J Ellison

Forty Acres Title

They went northwest as told by mother
With hardly more than sky for cover,
Onward they trekked to fulfill dreams
Over mountains, prairies and streams.

Outside the covered wagon tied in back
A plodding milk-cow trailed in track
While inside were all manner of things,
Simple treasures a young bride brings.

Alongside trotted daddy's bluetick hound
And a caged rooster and hens were bound,
Tied to the wagon-side by a molasses keg
The shy hens on a good day laid an egg.

One spring morning they rounded a bend
And months of hardship came to an end,
Before them was a meadow of wildflowers
And they gave thanks to higher powers.

Cuddled by the campfire that starry night
Their spirits raised by complete delight
They spoke in whispers of their new place,
Forty-acres of paradise in God's grace.

Daddy built a small cabin in the foothills
And the coming months tested their wills
But with two mules, forty-acres and a plow
They carved out a homestead somehow.

Where the skies kiss the mountains peak
Is not a place for the timid or weak
But good comes to those with a pure heart
And side-by-side they made a fresh start.

Inside a one room log cabin I was born
On a clear shivery autumn morn,
Born to a sodbuster and his hardy wife
And here I have lived all my life.

Forty Acres Creek
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-20-10

Song title: "Amor Eterno"

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