Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Where boggy mosses seep
Far into the woods deep
Nor any sunbeam reaches
The creepy-crawly leeches.

Over the soggy woods floor
Where one ventured before
Is a tree of a curious form
Beneath a mosquito swarm.

A giant tree aside a stream
As a vision in a bad dream
Seems surreal at first sight
As nightmares in late night.

It was seen one stormy day
But merely once that way,
No human has seen it since
And is only fairytales hence.

The fable avows a home inside
Where green leprechauns bide
And fairies fly among the trees
No taller than a crickets' knees.

The legend is quite often told
Of a wee goblins' pot of gold
Protected by a mischievous elf,
Someday I will see for myself.

I will begin my perilous quest
Through each valley and crest
And I will find the tree of fable,
For sure I will, when I'm able.

I must know if the tale is true
Or just some old shrews spew,
I will find the spot time forgot
And prove the story true, or not.

If leprechauns surely live in a tree
It is a sight to behold I will agree
And if there is gold as often told
It shall be my treasure to hold.

I can't believe in fairies that fly
So small as to snugly fit an eye
Or magic than can make one blind
If I were unlucky enough to find.

Someday I will seek out that tree
And the winged gremlins so wee,
I'll find the leprechauns of fable,
Someday when I'm grown and able.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-24-10

Song title: "Farewell To Tarwathie" (Scottish)

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