Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

On a fine day not far away
A princess weary of play
Sat beneath a spreading oak
And for awhile never spoke.

Unusual the hush from her,
Strange she did not stir
But only sat lost in thought
As if some answer sought.

What riddle puzzles a child?
Certainly it is only mild,
No quandary for one so pure
In mind could long endure.

Yet she sat deep in thought
As if lightly overwrought
Musing with a curious stare
At nothing really there.

Gazing between flaxen strand
She turned a leaf in hand
And dreamings were far away,
Adrift in some other day.

Nearby with a watchful eye
Waited the king with a sigh,
A father must not interfere
With dreams of one so dear.

He watched his little princess
Searching her mind to address
Some strange concern she had
But surely it was not one bad.

For a princess so sweet as she
And innocent as one can be
Could not be troubled by much
As dragons and such.

What thought would even dare
Cloud the mind of one so rare,
It is a princess under the trees,
That's who her daddy sees.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-06-11

Song title: "Can Ye Sew Cushion's?"

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