Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

It stretches before excited eyes
As endless as the cloudy skies
Beckoning like a siren's song,
Urging me to ramble along.

Like a curvy seductress it lays
Openly flaunting it's ways,
Ribbons of asphalt like open arms
Lure me with coquettish charms.

The promise of happiness waits
Behind some imaginary gates
And if I open the last I'll find,
Peace in my troubled mind.

Black two- lanes of tar taunts
This killer of dreams haunts,
The enticer calls and I must go,
My weakness wills it so.

I must see beyond the next turn
For the open road I yearn,
I cannot resist the urge to roam,
The highway is my home.

Tonight I will linger somewhere far
I never know under what star,
I will lay a blanket on the ground
And with my dreams lie down.

Memories will come as I go to sleep
But none will be worthy to keep
Just brief flashes of the road behind,
Just jumbles in a restless mind.

Each dawn I face the ribbons of black
With a dirty rucksack on my back
And sitting aside some road I'll stare,
Wondering what's just over there.

Maybe someday I'll settle someplace,
Some Eden with a friendly face
But that daydream is always slain
By the desire to roam the two-lane.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-10-11

Song title: "Desperate Man Blues"

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