Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

With my mind in make-believe
On a sultry summer eve
Thoughts began to quickly skip
Into my fantasy road-trip.

Why not? I lay and wondered
As I had often pondered,
Dreams are always someday
But nothing hinders my way.

I sprang from the squeaky bed
And paced scratching my head,
Why waste this summer season?
My mind gave no reason.

With an urgent need to roam
Tonight I could leave home,
I could pack and streak away,
Perhaps to return someday.

I will journey the lesser road
Where the forefathers strode,
There can be found the glory
Of America's inspiring story.

I will go by light of the moon
Why wait another June,
Tonight I'm powerfully drawn
And I could be far by dawn.

I've planned this always it seems
It's a part of everyday dreams
The road-trip of a lifetime waits
Just outside my open gates.

Crisscrossing the land far and wide
I'll motor only the countryside
The beauty of this nation is found
Where the wildflowers abound.

Peering out at the waning moon
I watch the midnight hour loom
And my feeling is to go right now
But I am held somehow.

With an intense impulse to leave
On my journey of make-believe
I turn from the window as she said,
"You work tomorrow, come to bed."

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-16-11

Song title: "Key To The Highway"

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