Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

What a beautiful girl you are
Everyone used to say,
A bright star that will go far
When you're grown someday.

I attended a fashion school
To learn the ways of a lady
And life was peachy as a rule
Though my way sometimes shady.

Into an elegant lady I grew
With many suitors calling
But I flirted with only the few
Who believed me enthralling.

Fathers' parlor was never bare
Where the gentlemen sat
And they brought flowers there
As they hung their hat.

I so loved the fragrant roses
That perfumed the room
Where a gentleman proposes
When love is in bloom.

Love seems so removed now
An emotion that never came,
I missed true love somehow
And never changed my name.

Once I was a pretty young girl
Now an old spinster instead,
Once life was just a happy whirl,
Now no dreams fill my head.

A few rushed years and I must go
Just a few more seasons I suppose,
Time is such a dark relentless foe,
There is no one to buy me a rose.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-04-11

Song title: "Buy Me A Rose"

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