Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Time transformed me into a geezer
A bona fide hobbling wheezer
But there are privileges in being old
When my demeanor is bold.

This old codger with no druthers
Uses age against youthful others
After discovering a thing I savor,
Younger folks will do you a favor.

With age I saw a little known fact
That by applying a particular tact
Eager-beavers will aid an old man
If I use my lame old geezer plan.

As a helpless senior I cause a stir

Then I hear "may I help you sir?"
By acting more feebler than I am
I get help from men or ma'am.

When I stoop way over as I walk
Or mutter scripture when I talk
People will rush to do things for me,
Though I'm able-bodied as can be.

They'll carry my bundles in the store
And promptly open a stubborn door,
By giving them a heartbreaking stare
They'll bear my load then and there.

When I pretend that I'm nearly blind
The beautiful women are most kind,
Those sweet girls will read any label
As I smell their scent faking unable.

You could say I use trickery I reckon
But the younger are there at beckon
And I get joy from their smiling faces
As I chat with them in all the places.

Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-07-11

Song title: "Midnight On The Water"

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