Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When I came grandad was alone
Grandma was long since gone,
I was orphaned on a snowy day
By a wreck on an icy highway.

Grandad raised me from a lad
The only true parent I had,
We endured long lonely years
With a lot of love and some tears.

There is a haven in the tall trees
Where I sat at granddad's knees
While he spoke of life and more,
His tall tales I'll always adore.

Playing an old squeeze-box he'd sing,
Old hymns to the rafter's would ring
And I still see his calloused hard hands
As he sang of the Promised-Land.

He walked me to the end of the way
And we hugged goodbye one day
With tears I left home-sweet- home
And once more grandad was alone.

I plied the seven seas under sails
And traveled on those silver rails,
For years I roamed land and sea
But no place was ever home to me.

Now where precious memories send
I grow closer rounding each bend,
Their new home will soon be in view,
My cherished haven where I grew.

Grandad will be rocking in his chair
Playing his squeeze-box waiting there,
I bring my family to live with grandad,
The only true parent I ever had.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-07-11

Song title:"Today"

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