Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I rest in my favorite old chair
Before the window's glare
Warming in the bright sunlight
With little sleep from a fitful night.

I think back my thoughts unclear,
Sorting memories of living here,
Shadowy photographs fill my mind
Fusing together becoming entwined.

As I listen for his car in the gravel
Those fond memories unravel,
Generations have lived and loved here,
Precious memories held so dear.

They say I'm to old to be on my own
To feeble of mind to live alone
But alone is something I'll never be,
My sweet memories comfort me.

Long ago my darling wife passed away
And I'm the last living here today,
She's resting up yonder on the far hill
Someday I'll join her forever still.

I hear the crunch of tires on the drive
I've waited for my son to arrive,
I'll be taken to a nursing-home to bide,
Anguished tears I will try to hide.

Thinking of bidding my home goodbye
Sadness overwhelms me and I cry,
With a wrinkled hand trembling and weak
I wipe tears from my cheek.

The mantle-clock chimes eight on time
I must leave this old home of mine,
One last time to pass through the gate,
Soon I'll live with others who wait.

Goodbye old home it's time to go
My heart aches to leave you so,
Goodbye my darling sweet wife,
Goodbye my blissful life.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-29-11

Song title: "The Star Of County Down"

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