Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

After he gobbled a shake and fries
She watched with steely-eyes,
Very soon he'll fall asleep she knows
With beastly noises from his nose.

Her husband the grouchy slouch
Is fast asleep on the couch
With his scruffy head reared back
Having a giant snore attack.

After a snooze he'll stumble to bed
And dread fills her sleepy head,
Every night that thoughtless pest
Keeps her from her beauty rest.

Nights it's like the war of the worlds
And for most tired married girls
That snoring noise like cannon booms
Would mean separate bedrooms.

Lying wide-awake into the wee hours
Her churning upset tummy sours,
Wide-eyed her throbbing head is roaring
Because of his uproarious snoring.

Odd earsplitting eruptions he's spewing
While on his tongue chewing,
Grinding his teeth he gives a piercing yell
Like some banshee out of Hell.

From deep down come thunderous rattles
As he provides sound effects for battles
Before switching to a chain-saw roaring
Then back to his rat-a-tat snoring.

Just before daybreak with a weary sigh
She closes the other bleary eye
Then falls deep asleep almost on a whim
And snores much louder than him.

Awakened with noises out of her mouth
Like train whistles clacking south,
He digs for coffee behind a cupboard door
Grumbling, I'm glad I don't snore.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-01-11

Song title: "Clap"

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