Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I'm alive but I feel barely
A good day is now rarely,
A happy full life once had
Now is drawn sad.

I hardly remember when
I felt it now and then
As it began the end for me,
Of a life that used to be.

Steadily it came as I aged
Until it finally raged
Spreading from my core
And I've never hurt more.

Inside my body it flames
Known by many names,
Chronic the white-hot fire
Until death I desire.

But death is God's choice
Cries my inner-voice
In time He will decide
Where forever I bide.

The healers say it won't kill
But my body feels it will,
Perhaps that's just a hope,
Some days I cannot cope.

The pain arises ever intense
Until times I lose all sense
And drugs only dull it's barb
As living grows ever hard.

Do I possess it? Or it me?
Either way I'm never free,
Just live with it they say,
Twenty-four hours a day.

Will I always be it's slave
Until I am in my grave?
I feel relief is only there,
If it's anywhere.

An endless chain of healers vow
They will give ease somehow
But it has already been years
And tears.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-26-11

Song title: "Things Will Never Be The Same"

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