Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There was a little girl from Mongolia
Sweet as the bloom of a magnolia,
Such a quite child this girl so small,
Anyone would hardly notice her at all.

This innocent child so meek and mild
Lived in a far frontier entirely wild
An only child she was always alone,
Playmates to her were never known.

They endured winters long and harsh
On a small farm down by the marsh
And so much work for mom and dad
Took time from the child they had.

Nightly mom tucked her tightly in bed
Kissing the beautiful childs' head,
One night came a dream in her mind,
A wondrous special enchanted kind.

From that day there was a change in her
And no one was sure what did occur,
She was much happier than ever before
And she was never lonely anymore.

Something strange happened to the child
For all the animals from out of the wild
Began appearing in the clearing each day
Waiting for their friend to come and play.

From the savage beast to the gentle dove
What encircled the precious girl was love
And though a word could never be spoken
They knew their trust would not be broken.

Happy days and peaceful nights were known
And continued though she was near grown,
A lonesome child was never lonely anymore
For her friends are just outside the door.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-06-12

Song title: "Haiku"

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