Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In the glowing moonlight
In the dead of night
Nothing at all is stirring,
Save bat wings whirring.

A full silver moon on high
Lights the cloudless sky,
A cobalt blue softly glows
Above late winter snows.

Ice crystals dusted over white
Glint as jewels in the night,
Tiny sparks of blue glimmer
Winking in the moons' shimmer.

The soft gurgle of a frigid stream
As if some strange dream
Seems to whisper as young lovers
Between snow quilted covers.

From the timberline on a ridge
Down to a small arched bridge
One set of footprints was showing,
Now concealed by snowing.

The quiet was broken by a snap
As if one would once clap
Then a low soft moan was heard
As a cold breeze stirred.

A shocked silence again returns
Hiding sounds no one learns,
The rippling stream is louder now,
The snowy scene mystic somehow.

Until dawn was heard only snowfall
If a snowflake made a sound at all,
A winter picture postcard at morn
Shown beautiful as day was born.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-06-12

Song title: "Moonlight"

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