Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Once there was an old man few knew
Who dreamed of riches his life through
But not one fantasy ever came true,
He could only wish as poor people do.

He worked his fingers to the bone
But scarcely anything did he own,
All his life was spent at hard labor
But there was no rewards to savor.

There was no mansion on a hill
No fine-looking wife for a thrill,
There was no fortune in the bank
And people viewed him as a crank.

He had no shiny stretch limousine
To carry him everywhere to be seen
But always imagined how it would be
To have all a dreamers mind can see.

He had not one friend he may claim,
Children taunted calling him names,
Grownups treated him much the same,
The way he lived was a pitiful shame.

The elder lived alone entirely broke
Bent from the load of poverties yoke,
In bitterness he struggled to stay alive
With barely enough money to survive.

Then one day at a trading post store
He bought bread and one thing more,
He tossed a lottery ticket into his sack
Then walked a mile back to his shack.

There was a man poor his life through
Who once was wealthy but never knew,
He burnt the ticket along with the trash,
The jackpot numbers rose up as ash.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-27-07

Song title: "Midnight On The Water"

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