Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In the years of my youthful prime
Pretty women smiled all the time,
Tossing their hair as they passed by
With a flirty blink from a curious eye.

As a young man haughty and handsome
I appealed to the brazen and winsome,
A potpourri of women in my collection
Filled most nights from recollection.

A string of women entered and went
But soon their desires were spent,
Each encounter but a brief interlude,
Their pretense of love so very rude.

I was unaware all the while of being used
Solely for the purpose of being amused,
A clouded mind knew only wild passion
As I played their game without ration.

I drifted through my fast paced youth
Never for a moment facing the truth,
This man with the face of a young boy
Was nothing more than a woman toy.

Few of the amused ever took the time
To know what was truly in my mind
If so then love may have bloomed
From under the sheets of a bedroom.

I recall one with cocoa brown hair,
Just one who seemed to truly care,
Today my regret is I left her in tears
And I miss her after all these years.

Where has my handsome youth flown?
Where have the pretty women gone?
If only I had known love when it came
And I don't even remember her name.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-18-04

Song title: "Desperado"

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