Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I burned my bridges one by one
With no regret at what I'd done,
I destroyed until there were none
And my wicked world was undone.

My youth was spent and wasted
As life's wicked delights I tasted,
I blew through years as a breeze
Doing whatever bad deed I pleased.

Affairs and relationships I'd start
Then soon break unaware hearts,
I loved no one but my selfish self,
Their emotions but toys on my shelf.

Bridges of trust were built by some
Trying to understand things I'd done,
Spans of intimacy were built by many,
Seeking love where there wasn't any.

I toyed with loves foolish emotion
With no notion of sincere devotion,
Words of love meant nothing at all
As my blazing bridges began to fall.

My hardened unemotional heart
Never gave friend or family a start,
Bridges they erected for me to cross
Soon became charred rubble to toss.

I yearn to cross back over the river
But I've been a taker never a giver,
Bridges burned up are gone forever,
There's no love to hold one together.

I'm shunned and hated by all I know,
The outcome of bridges flaming glow,
Now I'm an old man alone on the shore
With no span that leads to an open door.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-06-04

Song title: "Pocket Full Of Gold"

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