Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I inherited the old family farm
With the quaint little red barn
And sixty acres on which it sits
With a creek running through it.

The day we happily arrived there
Was the start of our nightmare,
The attic was filled with ugly bats
And the kitchen housed polecats.

Rats were nesting inside the sinks
And the house reeked of bad stinks,
Pigeons roosted in the upper rooms
Sharing space with feisty raccoons.

The rickety stairs were falling down
And heaps of trash lay strewn around
Where lived creepy crawling critters
And little biting things that flitters.

The only water was out in the well
But it was brown and had a smell,
The only lights came from candles
And all the doors had no handles.

Old stained wallpaper hung in shreds
And ceilings sagged over our heads,
The wooden floor groaned and creaked
Each time we gingerly placed our feet.

I hastily yelled for a family meeting
Foremost in thought was retreating,
We voted to move back to the suburb
And not one voice of nay was heard.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-10-04

Song title: "Mockingbird Hill"

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