Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Through my early life I ran
Far from a perfect man,
Many wrongdoings were made
As life's patterns were laid.

In my eagerness to achieve
I mouthed lies to deceive,
Living two-faced to betray,
Leading kind people astray.

Losing friends never mattered
The family trust lay tattered,
I worried about nothing at all
But where good-fortune may fall.

I deceived the ones who loved
As I seized, clawed and shoved
Rushing for lavish life at the top,
No one could entice me to stop.

Great power and wealth I wanted
And I pursued goals undaunted
Until old age overcame me at last,
Now goals are a dream of the past.

Wrinkled and gray I'm wholly alone
Daydreams of the good life are gone
And surely as a river rushes to sea
Everyone I knew has forsaken me.

Not one soul is willing to forgive
The loathsome life I chose to live
And as sifting sand in an hourglass
My life's ending is coming to pass.

It's all water under the bridge now
I can't live over my life somehow
And as a river races quickly to sea,
The years of life run swiftly from me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-15-07

Song title: "Picking Up Pebbles"

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