Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Tick-tock the clock says get up,
I need to find my one coffee cup
And if I do I'll have a hot brew
But chances are I'm not likely to.

Like most things I've salted away
So I can find it again someday,
I don't remember where it's at,
I'm forever losing this and that.

I'm more likely to forget as not
My once fertile brain is shot
And old age now has all control
Over my wrinkly hide as a whole.

I rise each day to snap crackle pop
Smarting in every joint I've got,
From a water glass beside the bed
I'll poke false teeth in my head.

I'll limp past the mirror and turn away
The image and I have nothing to say,
I can't stand seeing the bent old bat
Rounded with lumps of pulsating fat.

The true blessing is I can barely see
That wrinkled face scowling at me,
Like most else my eyesight's went,
I reckon I'm down to sixty percent.

I gotta go squint-eyed to see things,
I can't hear the telephone rings,
My tastebuds don't like a thing I eat
Unless it's fattening and syrupy sweet.

I hobble to the potty all night long
The urge to go is always strong,
It blooms when I'm sleeping prime
And I'm lucky if I make it on time.

Jugs of pills fill my medicine cabinet
For all my ills there is a tablet,
The doc says to take them nonstop
But I can't remove the childproof top.

I'll rise and build a fire in the stove
And put on my new hair that's wove
Then I'll have coffee with the sunup,
If I can find that blasted coffee cup.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-07-07

Song title: "Lorena"

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