Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The lonely child inside me
Longingly wants to be
Returned to yesteryear
And old times held so dear.

I long to hear mother's voice
Singing old hymns so choice,
Her angelic songs yet so clear,
No sweeter one could hear.

I want to see father in the fields
As he toiled to provide meals,
How I pine to see his radiant grin
And feel his gentle touch again.

I want to return to the old home place
And kiss my sister's cherub face
And chase my brother just once more
Through the barn's hayloft door.

If only once more I were able
To take supper at that old table
With family so filled with love,
It is what I dream of.

If wish time was a magical thing
I wonder at the joy it may bring,
Flying me to where I used to bide
On a soaring magic carpet ride.

In my rich minds childlike world
Precious memories oft unfurl,
Carrying me back to a happier day
To home and a child at play.

I dearly miss the country lifestyle
And long to return if only awhile,
To live just one day as a small child
In yesteryear completely beguiled.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-04-04

Song title: "Mia Oh Sinsing"

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