Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

My desperate heart cries out
My anguished mind shouts
But no coward is ever there,
No person will ever care.

Do you not see me wildly wave?
Do you not hear me madly rave?
Is there no brave at all aware
Of my tortured minds despair.

Help! Before at last I am gone
I drown in this world alone,
Whispers in my head must quell,
Pull me from this pool of hell.

My spirit screams to blank faces
Thoughts wander to dark places,
As humanity runs away from me
Mine is a gruesome fate I see.

My mind sprints here and there
Plucking dim memories from air
But not one is ever uncluttered,
Just voices with words muttered.

I wring my hands pacing the floor,
I stand motionless behind the door,
I hear a strange voice softly call,
I open the door to no one at all.

Some kind someone help me please!
Must I implore on bended knees,
Don't close your heart to my cries
Or hide your face from my eyes.

I beg them, pleading for their help
Yet they cower as a timid whelp,
Depression is slowly slaying me
And they turn away so not to see.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-29-04

Song title: "Tears Through Honor"

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