Break Time by Kenneth J Ellison

Break Time Divide

We all get weary from the pace
Of the day-to-day rat race,
Everyday chips away at us
Until all that's left is the fuss.

We need to slow life down
Get rid of our frown
And take some long breaks
From those little aches.

Take it easier for a change
Put strains at long range,
Smell the flowers so to speak
Before our boiling-point peaks.

Take a hike or go for a walk
Visit old friends for a talk,
Make coffee for two or three
Then relax out under a tree.

Take some needed vacation time
Write that book or pen a rhyme,
Paint a picture of pretty things
Feel the pleasure that it brings.

Go to the beach to smell salty air
Wear wild flowers in your hair,
Lay in the sun until you're done
Then throw a party for some fun.

Go to a theme park for a lark
Fly a model plane for a spark,
Ride a horse at a dude ranch
Climb a mountain, take a chance.

My point please don't forget
Is to get away from all of it,
We need a break from time-to-time
It's all that keeps us sane of mind.

Break Time Divide

(c)Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-10-04

Song title: "Guest House Blues"

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